Moody and Poor

FIM sucks, sucks, SUCKS SUUUUUUUCKSsss!!!
Gasp… gasp… gasp…
This is one module that I am most lacking in motivation to pass.
Let me count the ways:
1) It’s all about the weirdest stuff you can find in Finance outerspace: Butterfly, bees and candlesticks,wtf?

2) The prof has a doctorate in Physics. That’s it. [and a juvenile swatch watch]

3) He believes there are 3 hrs from 3.15pm-5.15pm.

4) Pure 100% all abnormal boredom

And the project report we are working on is about bond ratings, watch and outlook. Hell, it’s a frankenstein made up of chunks from the credit rating agencies’ websites. The presentation’s next Tues and we haven’t even finished the report. Devil’s balls.
I was so upset with it and with my career assignment that for the 1st time in keithwengo MSN history, I put the f-word in my nickname. That got a lot of attention.

That’s it for the Moody part. Now the Poor part.

I totally burned my wallet, no, vaporized it to the last atom last week. Kinokuniya had its seasonal 20% discount coupon sale and the desire to contribute to it’s profit margins was to hard to resist. I scrambled from the city campus to the Bugis branch and bade farewell to $60 for the “Gankutsuou Complete”巌窟王 コンプリート. I profess my fanatic love for The Count of Monte Cristo and its anime adaptation by GONZO.
Next, I headed down to Takashimaya on foot under the blazing sun and into the main store. It took me an hour to decide on a drawing guide over anime VCDs [by sole distributor in S’pore, ODEX- $38 for crap subtitles and dubbing. It’s better to support Malaysia’s entrepreneurs]. That’s $20 into oblivion.

DR Total expenses: $80 : CR 1 week’s worth of handouts from Dad

DR Books $80 : CR Cash $80

(Purchase of biblio-graphic materials)

How’s the return of my capital investment on the drawing guide?

*Athrun looks damn slutty.(゜A゜)!


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