~Falling in Love with ACCOUNTING THEORY~Plus, Homosexual Anime Video[Japanese only].

I enjoyed the Accounting theory seminar today. I worship J.J. Williams for making an otherwise deadly boring subject utterly entertaining with his deadpan humour. And we all thought all accountants are fatally dull,calculating cyborgs from outerspace. If that statement were a fact, then Williams must be a terrible freak of nature.

What did I get out of his class today? Let’s see, very sore sides from all the laughing, a piece of paper with my name on it and realisation that net income is not a credit item. He must be the Jim Carrey of the academic accountancy world.

After school, I head off to Funan the IT mall to shop for earphones, stopping ocassionally to stare longingly at the sexy PSPs[Valuepack $470+] and Nintendo DSs[$260+] on display. Later, I went to Liang court to visit the Kinokuniya branch and Meidiya supermarket. Ah, Basara,Soukyuu no Fafner and GGXX Midnight carnival comic anthologies are on the shelves, beckoning me to burn my wallet. I scorched it with a Basara comic anthology where one of the artists featured is Marimo Kyoukugei[曲芸まりも]. The Basara comics in her site are hilarious and she also has fanarts of Gundam Seed and FF7.

… What?

… …Video? Oh yes, the video!

I was experimenting with dbPower, converting my music into mp3 and wav formats. I wanted to capture sound clips to customize my desktop. As I started to tear the Gundam Seed Suit CD Vol 1 apart into bits with Windows Moviemaker, it struck me that I could rearrange those clips and create something.

And what a monster it was.

I don’t know if the Japanese fans will even appreciate it given my limited comprehension of the stuff spoken in the audio drama. Sorry guys for not subtitling the video but perhaps it’s better you don’t understand it. I’m not capable to give an accurate translation anyway.

Athrun:Yattenai?Zenzen mattaku, nani mo yattenai?!

Kira: Un…

I just guessed it could have meant“unable to do?There’s absolutely nothing you can do?”. I may be wrong. From that assumption, well, I imagined Athrun is disappointed Kira couldn’t do anything. And my imagination is really wild ha..ha.

Athrun: Mou…Nani yattenda yo omae wa? He is expresing his exasperation with“Arrgh…What have you been doing(or is it, what can you do?)?”

Kira:Eeah…Therefore[refer to Athrun’s complaint that there’s nothing Kira could do], nothing has been done, as I’ve said.

Athrun: Hen na tokoro de age wa shiteruna! I have no idea what that means but I interprete “hen na tokoro”as “unnatural place”.

Kira: Sorry…

xxxxxxxx… [subtitle: This is a girls’ side video.My apologies[to those who are disgusted/offended].] And those 2 guys? I don’t know what they are doing. Really. I have no idea. What do you think they are doing without any clothes on? [Looping sound clips really is fun ]

Kira: Uuh… ta… [subtitle: kita! which means “[I] came”.]

Athrun: Aarr… enough already!

Following that which got my creative juices running was Athrun’s “soko janai tteba!Nani o yattenda yo Kira wa?!”It means “No!I’ve already said not there! What are you doing Kira?!”. I’m over 20, of a legal age to understand what goes on in the bedroom. If you don’t understand the subtle implications then you have a very clean head.

Kira replies to Athrun’s complaints that although the latter is giving him a helping hand, he nags too much with “Hora, wrong there””not there” and “next,is this” when after all, it’s [the results are] still the same.

Athrun:Sigh~ Sigh~ Kira~

Kira: Athrun, because you are noisy[that’s why…]. (subtitle: Eh?Who’s this?)[that guy’s Camus,also played by Kira’s voice actor]

Athrun:Huh…? What? (subtitle: The guy just now, what was that?)

*giggles* Sou dayo ne.Muchakucha nani kata suru kedo…, I’m not sure but I interprete it as “As I thought, although you do things in a messy/confused way…,”

I-Ya-Da. “I-don’t-like.”

Kira:Geh?!Sonna… …”Eh?! That… …”

Athrun… Athrun!

Bikkuri shite kao wa ageru to, Athrun ga sukoshi warai nara so itta.

I must say that is my favourite part of the video with Athrun giving such a evil sneer~nyari. I inteprete “Bikkuri…so itta.”as“I gave him a shocked look and, Athrun gave a small smile,if that was what it was.”

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  1. Anonymous

    ey babe! it’s time to update ur blog la…getting rusty already! i’m bored in lessons! (tp)

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