Cosplay?KUSOttare~~~UsotsukiBakayarou PLUS Rolling Bomber Video

I was anticipating a great number of cosplayers at *Scape but never have I felt more cheated in my life. Cosplay isn’t the main event, charity flea market is! Miss 1wrong and I braved the scorching afternoon heat to see some good cosplay only to find a rickety school fundraising event. We caught a %$#% looking Archangel Captain Murrue and 2 Edward Elrics from Full Metal Alchemist. That’s all the cosplay there is.
Kuso!Bakayarou!Kutabare!Shinjimae!Bukkoroshitai wa yo!WRYYyyy!!!

Enough of the kuso swearing. Here’s a major funny video that makes fun of the Power rangers genre. It stars the frontman of Japanese pop group SMAP, Shingo Katori. Let’s yell ‘NAAAaaa-!’.


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