Literature and Asian hookers

I’ve been too engrossed with my anime hunts and acquisitions to post on this blog. Before that, I was completely under the zombiefying thrall of Alexandre Dumas’ ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. My hands were glued to that thick volume and I couldn’t remove my eyes from the pages of microsized fonts. I just read and read and read. It is the sort of novel I wouldn’t want to see a movie of because whenever books turn to scripts, the story gets mangled and the characters deform in the mutating process. The movie was released a few years ago and didn’t survive the box office. I can’t even remeber who acted as the Count. (I would consider watching it if he’s John Malkovich)
Oh God. The actor’s Jesus himself. Jim Caviezel from the ‘Passion of Christ’. Amen.

Nothing could be a worse example than ‘ Memoirs of a Geisha’. I’m glad to use ‘f**king shit’ to express my annoyance on not just the hideous casting but the garish set. The scandalous casting of Chinese women to play geishas is a direct slap on the face. I’m not a Chinese nationalist but what were they thinking, those f**king white devils? How would they like it if an asian director casts a Russian to play Abraham Lincoln? It made good publicity, it got the Chinese really excited for less ardourous reasons. Furthermore, the book is boring to start with. I read it years ago and condemned it to the “Dust collectors” section. Oh yeah, and it’s written by a male ang moh.
I much prefer to watch a delightful version of it from this link my friend was so kind to offer me.

Haha, I love “It hard…”, an accurate description of Miss Zhang’s language skills.


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  1. 1wRong

    man, the short video really power!!! =)

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