Tokyo Imports-友達にお見上げをくれ~

Nothing can ruin this perfect day! [Even when BOSS was so screwed I could not bid for Accounting theory until I used the library PC. F**k BOSS.]

Esther san finally returned from her trip to Tokyo and I’ve met her today for the goods. Waaaaa!!!I want to take a vacation to Japan too.
Here’s what’s in the gift bag I got from her.

From top left, Skinlife gentle foam wash and blackhead remover gel, Seed Club 4 Coma, 2 plastic bags, 2 chestnut-mochi filled puffs and a souvenir Japanese fan.

\(^A^)/ ~* 嬉しいィイイ …. 美味しいイイ

At home, I decided to rekindle my relationship with my darlings.

GUNPLA!!! !!!

Aegis SD-

Stolen and piloted by Mr Athrun Zala from Zaft. The very first gunpla model I assembled.


*( “BANZAI! Gundam Seed Forever! For Zaft [or Zala]!”)

Who knew assembling your own toy could bring so much delight. All the cutting, sawing, filing, inhaling PVC dust & paint fumes and joining the parts together sends one into euphoria. (Probably from an overdose of paint fumes and thinner)

Do give Gunpla a try. The satisfaction is worth all the effort and health risk.


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One response to “Tokyo Imports-友達にお見上げをくれ~

  1. 1wRong

    hey dear! do you have the song “fields of hope” from gundam seed? hee, i really like it a lot after watching the show. haha.

    btw, u got gundam seed earlier series? i think i’m really getting hooked. i have to really agree with u that Sunrise is really the best animator! 😉

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