What is kuso? It is sh*t.

Mondays are designated kuso days for any city-living organism.

Yesterday was a proven kuso day. Miss A in our presentation group arrived nauseous and green in the face. Obviously she isn’t in the shape to carry the presentation with us and had her leave for the sinseh doctor. Miss Ringo said something really kuso and Miss A gave her the finger.

In Miss A’s absence, things got even more kuso. Miss Ringo, who now has more things to present which she wanted from the start,began the rehearsal with the introduction of the group.

Miss Ringo: My other group members are Miss A,Miss 1wrong, Miss Arzen[me] and Miss M. As you can see, Miss A is missing because she’s not feeling well.

Me: Actually, she’s not missing. She’s just invisible.

Group: ! ! ! !

Miss M: She’s may not be here but her spirit’s with us.

Group: ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Totally full of crap. \(゜A゜)/

Yes, the kuso spirit exists everywhere. From Japan, to Hong Kong, Taiwan… You name it, even microsized Singapore.

While trying to keep afloat amidst the torrents of financial instruments and FRS 39 principles, Miss Ringo suggested we go for sushi this week.
I love sushi. I love the challenge of conquering the number of plates even more. But I don’t love the weight gain. I think Sakae Sushi don’t love us either.

From the last challenge, we wiped out >38plates.

I doubt I can rise to the challenge again.

Of course I can still make plate sushi.

How to make”Plate Sushi” you may wonder.

First, eat the toppings of the sushi on the plate in front of you.

Next, arrange the topless sushi rice into a circle, the same size as the base of the plate.

When no one’s looking, take another empty plate and press firmly onto the topless sushi rice.

完了します!Voila. Plate Sushi.

A delightful present for the clean-up crew. (爆)

*The word ‘Arzen’ actually exists in the dictionary. It is a Muslim emirate created in c.820 located in East Turkey.



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2 responses to “What is kuso? It is sh*t.

  1. 1wRong

    hey weet! haha! ur post is so the funny sia… 😉 keep it going yea? our AFA presentation… phew! recon coming up…. 😦

  2. Anonymous

    walau! thanks for publicising tt i got the finger from miss A man! !@#$%^%&*

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